Debate on the Address: [1st Day] (14 Oct 2019)
David Tredinnick: Will my right hon. Friend give way?

Debate on the Address: [1st Day] (14 Oct 2019)
David Tredinnick: Is my right hon. Friend worried about Chinese intervention in the telephone network—5G and Huawei?

Debate on the Address: [1st Day] (14 Oct 2019)
David Tredinnick: I am most grateful to be called to speak on this first day of the Queen’s Speech debate. I echo colleagues’ remarks about the excellence of the speeches that we heard at the beginning from my hon. Friends the Members for North East Derbyshire (Lee Rowley) and for Truro and Falmouth (Sarah Newton). I do not know whether you recall, Madam Deputy Speaker, that the House of Commons gift shop...

Debate on the Address: [1st Day] (14 Oct 2019)
David Tredinnick: I am glad, and I wasn’t expecting that; Madam Deputy Speaker, I hope you will waive the rule that says electronic devices are not allowed to be used in support of a cause. We really need a new paradigm. We need a new health paradigm and that paradigm must look at the carbon footprint of drugs among other things, and it must look at how we are deploying resources in the health service. I...

Prime Minister's Update (25 Sep 2019)
David Tredinnick: Mr Speaker—[Interruption.] My voice is restored. My right hon. Friend has talked about a surrender Act, which is quite accurate. Does he recall, as I do, because I was in the House at the time, the 1989 Act introducing the community charge, which was persistently described as a poll tax by the Opposition deliberately to stoke up anger and opposition in the country?

Legal Advice: Prorogation (25 Sep 2019)
David Tredinnick: Set alongside the decision of the Supreme Court, what force in law does the decision of the British people to leave the European Union have?

G7 Summit (3 Sep 2019)
David Tredinnick: Will my right hon. Friend explain in greater detail the steps taken at the G7 to protect endangered species?

Priorities for Government (25 Jul 2019)
David Tredinnick: I congratulate the Prime Minister on a brilliant start, and particularly his support of the health service. Is he aware that his counterpart in India, Prime Minister Modi, has oversight of two health Ministries: the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of AYUSH, which is for traditional and complementary medicine and has 7,000 hospitals? Will he ensure that the Health...

Written Answers — Department of Health and Social Care: Homeopathy (18 Jun 2019)
David Tredinnick: To ask the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, whether representatives of his Department or Agencies attended the London international conference of the Homeopathic Research Institute on 14 - 17 June 2019; if his Department or agencies will make an assessment of the implications for their policies of papers presented at that conference; and if he will make a statement.

Health and Social Care: NHS Staffing (18 Jun 2019)
David Tredinnick: Will my right hon. Friend make sure that his interim people plan looks again at the hugely underutilised resource of the allied health professions, including osteopaths and chiropractors? What is the point of having a professional standards authority to regulate them if the Department will not use them?

Health and Social Care: Best Practice (7 May 2019)
David Tredinnick: Mr Speaker, I am clearly in your good books and I am most grateful. Will my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State explain why so little use is made of these three therapies in the health service, and why NICE has not made any attempt to look at hospitals in China, 50,000 of which use acupuncture for lower back pain?

Healthcare: East Midlands — [Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] (30 Apr 2019)
David Tredinnick: I am sensitive enough to take the hint and will not delay the Chamber for much longer, Mr Hollobone. In response to the hon. Member for Strangford (Jim Shannon), we have a street pastor campaign in Barwell in my constituency, which really gets people in. The point about suicide that is often missed is the tragedy that it leaves behind and the damage to family and friends. In my wind-up—I...

Healthcare: East Midlands — [Mr Philip Hollobone in the Chair] (30 Apr 2019)
David Tredinnick: Thank you, Mr Hollobone, for allowing me to speak first. I think it is the first time I have heard a Chair say that there is no time constraint, but I will not detain the House for too long. At the risk of being called to order, I had planned to raise the work that you have done for Kettering General Hospital and your impassioned demands for improvements to it over the years, which no doubt...

Business of the House (25 Apr 2019)
David Tredinnick: Given the enormous environmental concerns, may we have a debate in Government time about the enormous success of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s recycling and rubbish collection services? It would focus on four specific issues: the amazing combined dry recycling bin service introduced last year; the green waste collection service for 30,000 households; the total fleet replacement;...

Prime Minister: Engagements (24 Apr 2019)
David Tredinnick: I associate myself with the remarks about Sri Lanka. Will my right hon. Friend tell the House whether he thinks it likely that we will leave the European Union by 22 May? Does he agree with me that both the major political parties are likely to suffer at the polls if we do not? What does it say to my Leicestershire constituents about the democratic process if this House cannot get the...

European Council (11 Apr 2019)
David Tredinnick: As a long-term supporter of the deal of my right hon. Friend, I congratulate her on coming back from Europe with an extension that does not have the onerous conditions that we were all told would be imposed. Speaking for the businesses in the midlands, may I say that time is of the essence? They are not getting the bank loans that they need and are going out of business. May I also say, with...

East Midlands Rail Franchise (11 Apr 2019)
David Tredinnick: Thank you, Mr Speaker. As part of his response to the new franchisee, which will be broadly welcomed in my constituency if it really does produce new trains, better capacity and improved stations—from listening to my right hon. Friend the Member for Rayleigh and Wickford (Mr Francois), I am not so sure about that—will my hon. Friend look at connectivity between Leicester and Nuneaton...

United Kingdom’S Withdrawal from the European Union (29 Mar 2019)
David Tredinnick: Like me, my hon. Friend was here during the Maastricht debates. Is there is a political judgment to be made today, because if we do not vote for the withdrawal agreement, we may never leave the European Union at all?

Eu: Withdrawal and Future Relationship (Motions) (27 Mar 2019)
David Tredinnick: Does my hon. Friend share my concern about motion (M) on a second referendum? What would he do in my constituency, which voted out by 60% to 40%? Does he understand my constituents’ concern that a second referendum would be the end of democracy?

Eu: Withdrawal and Future Relationship (Motions) (27 Mar 2019)
David Tredinnick: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?

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