Palestinian Children and Israeli Military Detention: A5 Upgrade (7 Feb 2018)
David Tredinnick: I beg to move, That this House has considered the upgrade of the A5 between junction 18 of the M1 and junction 10 of the M42. The A5 is one of our oldest roads. It was commissioned during the reign of the Emperor Claudius, after his successful invasion of Britain in AD 43. It is also one of our most strategically important roads. The stretch that we are discussing goes past the geographical...

Palestinian Children and Israeli Military Detention: A5 Upgrade (7 Feb 2018)
David Tredinnick: My hon. Friend, who is ever quick out of the stalls in a debate, makes a very good point. I will touch on the problems of congestion. There is an historical perspective to this 30-mile stretch of the A5. Near this road, the governance of our country has changed not once but twice. At the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, the man who became Henry VII defeated Richard III. Most of us are...

Disability Confident Scheme — [Andrew Rosindell in the Chair] (10 Jan 2018)
David Tredinnick: I am grateful to be called to speak, Mr Rosindell, not least because I was unable to attend the beginning of the debate because of other commitments. I want to say how much I support the Disability Confident scheme. It has been running since 2013 and now has 5,000 participants. In March, I will attend a breakfast in my constituency, organised by the DWP and by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough...

NHS Winter Crisis (8 Jan 2018)
David Tredinnick: Will the Minister congratulate the doctors and healthcare workers of Leicestershire on their excellent work over Christmas but recognise that the problems of A&E are not just about the supply of services, but about trying to reduce demand through triage, the involvement of the 111 service at A&Es and dealing with drunks who are abusing the old doctrine of a service free at the point...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Topical Questions (14 Nov 2017)
David Tredinnick: In December 2014, the Secretary of State said to the Health Select Committee:

Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (18 Oct 2017)
David Tredinnick: Is my right hon. Friend aware of the wonderful work at Twycross zoo in my constituency, breeding endangered species? Is she also aware of the critical problem of the demise of African elephants, which are being slaughtered at the rate of 20,000 a year? What will she do about banning ivory sales in London?

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Doctors and Nurses (4 Jul 2017)
David Tredinnick: May I congratulate my right hon. Friend on serving as Health Secretary for three Parliaments, and say to him that besides doctors and nurses, he should look to increase the use of properly regulated acupuncturists, herbalists, homeopaths, chiropractors and osteopaths, who would reduce the burden on doctors and nurses in the health service.

Homeopathy and the NHS (29 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: The Society of Homeopaths is now regulated by the Professional Standards Authority, and will be looking to the health service to make better use of its services.

Homeopathy and the NHS (29 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: The right hon. Gentleman, who has been in the House as long as I have, has made a good point. There is scientific evidence out there, although we could use more. One of the problems is that, when scientific evidence is produced, it is pooh-poohed. However, that does not stop people using, for example, arnica cream when they get wounds. It is a standard preparation and it is a homeopathic...

Homeopathy and the NHS (29 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: My hon. Friend makes a powerful point. There is insanity about this subject. The amount of money spent on homeopathic prescriptions in the health service is about £110,000 per annum. So why are those who are against it so fanatically against it? What is it that gives them the swivel-eyed look? Why do they take so much trouble to rub out an alternative at a time when the mantra of the...

Homeopathy and the NHS (29 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: I will give way to my hon. Friend from Northern Ireland.

Homeopathy and the NHS (29 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: I beg to move, That this House has considered homeopathy and the NHS. Mr Hanson, it is always a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, particularly when before we have even started the match, you have given us extra time. It is not often that we are able to start a debate earlier than expected. This debate has come about for two reasons. The first is the attacks on the long-established...

Oral Answers to Questions — Health: GP Recruitment (21 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: The Secretary of State’s plans to recruit doctors will be widely welcomed in Leicestershire, but should not he be making greater use of already properly regulated practitioners—those who are regulated by the Professional Standards Authority—of whom there are 20,000, including hypnotherapists?

Written Answers — Department of Health: Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (14 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, when he last met the Head of the Professional Standards Authority; what was discussed at that meeting; and if he will make a statement.

O’Neill Review — [Mr Gary Streeter in the Chair] (7 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: On that note, will the Minister give way?

O’Neill Review — [Mr Gary Streeter in the Chair] (7 Mar 2017)
David Tredinnick: The O’Neill report focuses on many things, but I would like to focus on three key points. One is unnecessary prescribing. The second is the so-called disappeared antibiotics—those that should be available, but are not. The third is alternatives—something that Jim O’Neill talks about, but does not elaborate on. Jim O’Neill says: “Huge quantities...

Parking Places (Variation of Charges) Bill (3 Feb 2017)
David Tredinnick: Madam Deputy Speaker, I welcome you to your place. I thank all colleagues who have contributed to the debate today, and I wish the Bill well on its travels to the House of Lords. I point out to their noble lordships and ladyships that the Bill passed through the Commons unamended; there were no amendments in Committee, but there were discussions and agreement with the Opposition. I say to...

Parking Places (Variation of Charges) Bill (3 Feb 2017)
David Tredinnick: I beg to move, That the Bill be now read a Third time. It is a special moment for me to bring a Bill to Third Reading in the House of Commons. I had three criteria for my private Member’s Bill. First, I wanted it to be sufficiently uncontroversial to pass through all stages in the two Houses of Parliament. I have sat through seven Parliaments in this House and seen many Bills bite the...

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